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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

After a year filled with threats of a world war three, severe social unrest and that fuckin' bitch Carole Baskin, what better way to kick start 2021 than with the coveted annual Bauce Brothers 'Craft Hot Sauce Hot 100'.

The guys at Bauce Brothers have gone and tasted literally A LOT of hot sauces in the quest to whittle the list down to 100 of the finest the UK has to offer.

As you probably guessed by the big bloody graphic below and the fact that we are writing a blog post about it, our very own Cayenne & Lime hot sauce has made its way onto the top 100 list for 2021, alongside some very, very tasty competition. EXCITING!! The 2021 list features some of the best up-and-coming sauce makers in the land, and is a celebration of the services these saucy sadists provide to the universe.

Us, right now btw.

Anyway, this year is slightly different to the previous, as the Bauce Brothers G's will be giving you the chance to vote for your favourite sauce and will be announcing a 'People's Choice Award' on December 1st.

This gives you precisely 21 days to gather your spoons, pour your pints of milk, and start tasting the remaining 99 sauce (or all 100 sauce if you somehow haven't had a chance to try our Cayenne & Lime. hahah, I know right). I know what you're thinking right now...who the hell has the financial resources and time to conduct such a thorough test. As the sauce maker for the people, by the people, we propose an easier and (significantly) cheaper alternative.... just simply vote for us (haha??).

Tbh, thinking about it, we can't think of a more important and pivotal vote to have taken place in the western world in recent times? anyone?


Click here to cast your vote, and make sure to check out the other craft sauces on the list, where we're sure you'll find some pure fire.

Big ups,


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