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Great Taste Awards 2021 - Slim Jim

Ok this is crazy.

So, having only been slinging sauce for a matter of 12 months, we've been awarded some stars at the 2021 Great Taste Awards. Not one. Not two. Not three. But FOUR stars in total. What!???

What's even crazier is that out Scotch Limone sauce was given three (!!!) stars. Insane ! In fact, of the 14,113 products that were entered for this years awards, only about 200 of them were awarded the 3 stars - that's 1.5% of entries, which is also absolutely wild.

Our Scotch Limone epitomises the reason we started making hot sauce in 2020. We wanted something new. Something that hadn't been done before. A hot sauce that wasn't just 'hot'. A hot sauce that you could enjoy everyday. This is all we wanted, and we are so glad that everybody else can enjoy this way of hot saucing.

How it stared? vs How's it going?

The judges' comments - Scotch Limone

But that's not all.

Our original Cayenne & Lime sauce managed to grab 1 star too! This is also a unique sauce which we are super proud of. It has its own unique taste and colour, and is bursting with freshness from the freshly squeezed lime juice we add to it.

Although having been awarded 1 star, that does not mean that we are satisfied with the flavour of this product. We are constantly looking to improve it in areas that we can. We are never fully satisfied until we have the perfect product for you to enjoy.

The judges' comments - Cayenne & Lime

Why don't you try out of range of sauces for yourself? We think that you would really enjoy them, honest !

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