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Bringing quality food to your belly.

Slim Jim was setup in Manchester, UK, with the intention of sharing the flavours that we love​ with the world, through the medium of small batch cooking. Our sauces are inspired from a variety of different cultures, as we find no greater joy in discovering new flavours from different regions, whether it be the middle eastern influences found in our Mango Amba sauce, or the Thai flavours that are prominent in our Sriracha.


Once you try our unique food you will be left wanting more.

Our products are produced using only natural ingredients, and we avoid using any preservatives or additional colours and flavourings. We also try to included an element of fermentation in our sauces, to not only add a different level of flavour, but also to improve the shelf-life of our products.

It is our hope that by trying our sauces, you will also experience the same joy and excitement that we feel when we're in the kitchen cooking up.

Big peace x

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